The Main Point

The Main Point, a folk club in Bryn Mawr, PA showed fourteen year old me who I was.  It introduced me to a world that called to me louder and clearer than anything had ever called to me before.  It was a world of wonderfully crafted songs and fabulous musicians playing those songs just feet from where I was sitting, mesmerized and hanging on to every word.

It was a small, store-sized place, with rows of wooden chairs surrounding a small stage, and rectangular tables, where concertgoers were served lovingly prepared offerings, including gingerbread and camomile tea, vegetarian chili, fruit soup and baby loaves of bread with cheese. I seem to remember that the legal occupancy sign on the wall read two hundred and thirty people! It was a charming, cozy place where magic lived…  The Main Point! It beaconed me into my future.

The Main Point showed me who my people were. It felt like home, and after they finally hired me at age eighteen, I was in that room almost every night for three years, until they sadly closed their doors.  I waited on customers, swept and mopped floors, cleaned dressing rooms, and did whatever needed to be done.  I also made lifelong friends.  I would have done it for free. 

I recognized myself in the singer/songwriters I saw and heard there, and I have spent my life uncovering and empowering that part of me.  Ultimately, that journey has led me here.  I am thrilled to be able to say that I have a litter of new songs born this year that are soon to be released into the world on my upcoming CD. 

I wish the doors of The Main Point were still open.  It was always my dream to play my songs in that magic little room, while song-loving folks ate gingerbread and drank chamomile tea.  I wonder if there would have been a fourteen-year-old girl in the second row, glimpsing the road to her future…