About me...

When I was fourteen, I was forced to go to summer camp. I didn't like sports or color war. I hated keeping to a detailed schedule of activities. I didn't like changing into a bathing suit in front of a bunch of girls while keeping an eye on the wasps' nest, but summer camp was an experience that changed my life. The older, counselor-girls, taught me to love songs. They introduced me to Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, and myself. 

At the same time, I discovered a folk club called The Main Point. I went as often as I could get a ride, and when I was old enough, they hired me. I spent every night there until they closed when I was twenty-one. It was a small room that housed big talent up close. As I listened to Tom Rush, Townes Van Zandt, Jackson Browne, Chris Smither, JD Souther, Livingston Taylor and more, I knew that they were my mother ship.
Both of these early experiences taught me the power of songs to touch and transform hearts. They taught me that while listening to a well written song, you can be heard and seen, and connected in a genuine and precious way. I wanted to do that! Now, I do...
I am a singer songwriter. My intention, both in my songwriting, and while performing and interacting with fans, is to build bridges from heart to heart. Sometimes I tell stories. Sometimes I use humor. I always show myself to my listeners in a genuine, and sometimes vulnerable way, so that as they listen, they feel, and if I do my job well, they see themselves.
I have taken this one step further in recent years, and now I write songs for other people. I sing what is in their hearts, and I tell their stories. It is my honor and privilege.  

I would love to write a song from your heart!