Andrew (Flash Fiction)

She loves Andrew, and she makes him tea.  Not just any tea.  She notes his health and his moods and his level of stress, and she chooses a combination of herbs and flowers that will best nourish his body and his spirit.  She thinks about touching him all the time.  Sometimes she brushes against his coat on the hook by the door, casually so no one will suspect that the scent of him feeds her spirit and her body better than any tea.

His last day as her boss is Friday.  She handed in her resignation with a story of a better opportunity in her hometown, and there is a place for her in Bellington, but her real reason for resigning is that she finally found her guts.  She is going to tell him the truth today.  Then, she will either leave, and start over again without the constant distraction of him, or she will stay and love him out loud.

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