It was supposed to snow...

The wind is finally kicking up, gusting and showing a hint of the storm I had imagined. Cars were supposed to be sidelined for the weekend. Errands that needed running were supposed to have to wait. Nagging thoughts were supposed to be silenced by the storm. It was supposed to be a movie-in-pajamas kind of a weekend, the kind that feels like a much-needed time out. I was looking forward to it, but it never got cold enough to snow. 

I love the cold, gray, short days of winter. Maybe it is my introvert nature. Maybe it is the smell of fireplaces and hot chocolate, or the way breath dances in the air. Maybe it is the wonder-look of snow - icing pines, roofs, and empty roads. It could be the stillness, and the memory of 455, and the joy it brought from the radio, signaling a reprieve from school and Mr. Bellini’s tyranny. Winter is a feeling I crave, like love and beach walks on summer mornings, and the sweet voice of a guitar. 

Well…it didn’t snow, but since a cancelled weekend-long class cleared my schedule, I took a snow weekend anyway. I cooked, had a luxuriously long conversation with a dear old friend, worked on a new song, watched movies, and slept until my body was ready to get out of bed. 

Tomorrow life will start moving again and I will move with it, but for a time, it was wonderful to just be. 

I think there is still time for a batch of cookies… 

What is your relationship like with winter?

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