Ode to the Night (flash fiction with Sarah)

The last of the day’s light glowed orange through the maple leaves. Sarah loved that tree. She had only known him for a spring and a summer, but she trusted him. She knew his faces, and his kind presence felt like a friend. 
Crickets and cicadas were singing “Ode to the Night,” and she felt her heart relax and soften to the gentle rhythm. Nature was her favorite composer, and she loved this song. 
“Why are you just sitting there in the dark?” Her mom flipped on the overhead light, and she was pulled back into the room. “Go in the kitchen, and pack your lunch for tomorrow. There won’t be time in the morning.” 
Everything was new: her room, the neighbor walking around upstairs, mom’s moods, packing her own lunch, and tomorrow – Brooklawn Elementary.

Sarah wished she could build a house in her Maple tree, and live there forever… 

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