A lesson from a tree

Before I moved here, one of my new neighbors scared me. She told me that she wouldn't live on my side of the building, because she was afraid that the tree outside my new home had potential to break and fall on my windows. The fear was not ungrounded, as a tornado whirled through here some years back and took down mature trees. 

I started to worry. It was an oddly shaped tree, and it did lean in my direction. I moved in anyway, and now I would be heartbroken if anything happened to "my" tree. 

I started to tell you about him in my last entry. As I have gotten to know him from my living room window, I see that he has many faces. I have lived with him for a month now, and I keep finding new ones. I have watched him go from being leafless, and presumed dead, to being dressed in light, new-spring-green, soon to be darkening into summer.  

There is something distinctly special about him, and that is his beauty. I wouldn't trade him in for any other tree. He made me think about what it takes to be lovable. 

Its not about being pretty enough, or thin enough, or "successful" enough, or anything else that ends with enough. It is about each of us being uniquely ourselves. It is about being authentic, and embracing our own essence.  

I have a feeling there will be more lessons from this tree. He is my favorite new neighbor.  

Do you have relationships with the trees around you?

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